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Where to Get Cash If I Need Money Now [Part 2]

Money is the permanent problem of every person. So, today we will continue to discuss where to get money when you need it right now! In the first part, we have already talked about 4 ways. Keep reading.

#5 Offer Babysitting Services

If you like children and need money now, you can consider babysitting as one of the possible ways to earn some money quickly.

You might be trying to find your clients in an old-fashioned way looking for someone with children in your area. However, websites like allows doing it much faster and easier as it connects parents and babysitters on one platform.

The amount of money you can earn starts at $12 an hour. The price depends on the number of children and hours. What is important is that you manage your time yourself, the schedule is flexible as well as the number of tasks. Those who enjoy child care can also be full-time babysitters.

#6 Deliver Food 

If you don’t have a car to drive people around with Uber or Lyft, you can still make some quick money using your scooter or bike. For example, Uber Eats and Instacart offer delivering food to people around the city, so it can be a great way to start working for this platform.

All you need to do is to download an app, sign onto it, complete your online application, and start looking for or receiving requests.

This work allows you to have a flexible schedule, work any time you can.

If you need money now and are doing some shopping, you can also buy food for other people. If someone chooses you as their Instacart personal grocery shopper, you can make quick cash. Besides buying, you will need to deliver groceries to your clients’ homes with no damage.

Your pay depends on such factors as the size of your order, distance from market to client’s home, etc. Additionally, you can get tips. If you need money now, Uber Eats even allows making some quick cash abroad using your bike.

#7 Share Your Home or Room  

Whenever you are not home and need cash now, you can rent your house out using some online platforms. On Airbnb Guests, users can earn $100 per day, $1,000 per week just by renting out a bedroom, a room, a house, etc.

On Airbnb that has over 150 million users globally, it is not a problem to get renters if you have a good offer. Both homeowners and renters can benefit greatly. In case, some safety, security, or property damages happen, you will be paid a cleaning fee or security deposit to cover losses.

#8 Become a Freelance Writer or Transcriber 

Freelance writing or transcribing is another great option to make fast cash online. If you need money for rent payment, sign up for websites to take requests from clients at any time. The best of the freelance platforms by far are iWriter, Textbroker, Speechpad, etc.

The advantage of working for this kind of website is that you can get as much work as you want. The disadvantage is that you may not get a lot of money and there will not be many consistent clients. By doing freelance writing or transcribing, you can earn from $10 an hour and more.

It is advisable that freelance writers or transcribers try to find a good website. Also, they need to develop long-term relationships as soon as possible.

So, avoid focusing on fast and low earnings. History knows cases when freelancers made 6-figures a year. To do this job, you would need to have excellent speed typing skills, access to the internet, a computer and some spare time.

#9 Arrange a Garage Sale  

Holding a garage sale is quite an easy way to get some quick cash but there are some pitfalls to take into account. To pay rent, medical or credit card bills, buy food, have a garage sale.

In case, a lot of stuff is cluttering around your house, you don’t really need it. Consider selling it to people in your neighborhood at reasonable prices. It should be at least 10-20% lower than the retail price. To advertise your garage sale, hang up ads around your neighborhood as well as on the internet websites like Craigslist and others.

Thursday, Friday and weekend are probably the best days for a garage sale.

Make sure you make all the items visible and well-organized in the garage so that people could easily find and buy them. Remember that bargaining is an inevitable part of any garage sale, so don’t be too harsh. And don’t forget about some snacks and lemonade for free to make it an enjoyable time.

What items can you sell? Well, different, beginning with old CDs to a bike you don’t ride.

Here is a short list of possible things:

  • scrap metal;
  • your creations, photos;
  • old DVDs, CDs, video games;
  • electronics;
  • household items;
  • jewelry and many more.


In case you need some money right now, try out one of the suggestions above that can help you make quick cash. I hope, you’ve found the most favorable of these creative ideas to earn money fast by applying your skills.

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