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5 Wedding Tips that Will Save Your Money

Getting married is so exciting! Even with the pre-wedding vanity and all of those responsibilities you’re supposed to take care in advance, nothing seems like spoiling your mood. Well, if you still feel completely satisfied with the preparation moments, then perhaps you are yet to look at the list of your expenses.

Obviously, weddings are a huge burden for the couple’s budget, especially when you want everything done on the highest level. Usually, parents teach children money literate, but if your parents missed this moment, use our tips. Who told that a great “all-inclusive” wedding can’t be frugal? Try to plan out your special day without leaving a huge hole in the wallet afterward. Additionally, you can turn to professional providers of small personal loans for bad credit to improve your money situation.

Focus on Food and the Atmosphere

What do you remember about attending other people’s weddings? Delicious appetizers? Fancy invitations? Or maybe wedding flowers around the wedding hall? Most likely you would opt for the first two and hardly recall about the third. The thing is that people would remember the overall atmosphere and the way they felt at the wedding more than specific details, like nice and expensive flowers or a wonderful four-layered cake.

Is there any sense to spend more on decorations? Surely, food is an important aspect as well, but it doesn’t mean you have to provide gourmet meals and expensive drinks at the wedding – just look for something creative and cool that fits your budget.

wedding saving tips

Make It Easier With Invitations

Often it makes no sense to spend a fortune on trifles, this regards to invitations as well. Of course, invitations are supposed to show off the couple’s unique style. This is still important, although the fact remains: most of them eventually end up in the garbage.

So, how can you make both frugal and interesting invitation? Visit arts and crafts stores to find some non-expensive kits. You can also try Ann’s Bridal Bargains or if you have your prepared design, print them out at Vista Print. It is possible to send them out electronically. And don’t forget about the option of handmade invitations everyone would 100% enjoy.

Find Ways to Get a Bridal Dress for Less

Who wants to spend thousands of dollars for the one-off dress? Take away prejudices about $100 wedding dresses to be awful and old-fashioned! Just look at some rental options from Rent the Runaway website or pre owned dresses you’ll see how wrong you were. And don’t miss a chance to visit Brick and mortar consignment stores or several retails stores like Black House White Market and J. Crew. They specialize in wedding gowns and offer great discounts on them.

Don’t Elaborate with Decorations

Being stingy on décor can actually save you a lot of money. For instance, instead of storing expensive $50-per-bouquet flowers as the centerpiece on your tables, you can purchase a box of candles on eBay for the same prize and that would be enough for 4-5 tables already. Besides, look for coupons and Craigslist discounts to find some pieces of décor for reasonable prices. You might as well visit Michael’s to buy necessary supplies and find DIY tips for wedding decorations.

Find an Alternative to a Wedding Cake

Is there an alternative to a cake at the wedding? – you may ask. Well, wedding industry and ads often tell us to purchase a four-layered $300 cake. However, there are many alternatives, such as cupcakes, pies, ice cream sundaes that tend to be a lot cheaper! Of course, you may have a small cake to follow the tradition that you and your spouse could easily share for two, but purchasing a huge one makes no sense: not every guest would even want to eat their piece and it would all end up in many leftovers you would need to throw away. So, is it worth paying more?

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