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Advice Where to Get Cash If I Need Money Now [Part 1]

Life can sometimes be challenging. Various situations may arise when you need fast cash right now and people turn to quick loans. You may have unexpected expenses, plan a vacation, repair a car, pay rent but if you have no funds set aside, this is impossible.

If you’ve found yourself saying “I need money”, you are in the right place. Fortunately, there are many ways of getting quick money without using a credit card, borrowing from family or applying for a same day payday loan.

You may find yourself in need of money, your bank account may be empty, etc. You can get money from online lending companies, but there are many ways of getting money within 1-2 days. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular of them.

So, here is a list of top popular ways to get quick cash today to cover your unexpected expenses.

#1 Participate in Paid Online Surveys 

If you are saying to yourself “I need money today”, you can take part in online surveys that involve answering questions about yourself. This is an easy way to make some cash quickly.

What you need to do is to share information about you. If you are willing to uncover some small details about your habits and lifestyle, go ahead. Visit such websites as Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, Swagbucks and so on. Swagbucks, for example, even pays its users for watching movie trailers. Isn’t that a fun way to earn some money?

Those who possess information can rule the world. That is true, especially, when it comes to companies. They are using information about users’ preferences to succeed in the battle with competitors.

Such surveys are very popular. Companies are willing to pay consumers a small fee for feedback to collect valuable data about a product or service. However, problems may occur when a survey website is not legit. So, make sure you are going to cooperate with the best ones.

#2 Sell Your Stuff to the Pawn Shop 

The initial idea of what pawn shops were designed for was to buy old but functional stuff that people don’t need. You can sell electronics as long as you purchased a new item, the piano you don’t play, or the old-fashioned jewelry you received from your grandmother, etc.

However, things can change. Today, pawn shops often serve a place where one can get quick money to pay bills or in some other pressing need.

If your apartment is cluttered with stuff that you never use, you can consider pawning it. This is also an excellent opportunity to get cash when you need money fast.

Make a list of items you don’t need and find a pawn shop in your town. You can sell jewelry, electronics, and other precious items but remember that pawn shops provide a small part of the item’s real value. However, to buy an item back, you would need to pay an additional 20 percent.

So, it is recommended to avoid pawning valuable items as pawn shops pay very small amounts of money.

In any case, the reason is not important. If you are telling yourself “I need money now”, pawn shops can be one of the quickest options.

#3 Donate Your Plasma 

Another quick way to get some money fast is to give you plasma to someone who needs it. If you find yourself saying “I need money fast”, consider finding a local plasma center.

Remember that you need to have a strong tolerance for displeasure. One more thing to keep in mind is to drink plenty of water/fluids, especially, in summer. The amount you can be paid is around $40 on your first donation. This may not be much but perhaps enough to pay for gas, food, etc.

Make sure you are not under any health-related risks to use this one-off opportunity. And be ready to stand in long lines and fill out many forms before giving your blood.

#4 Make Money with Your Car  

Those who want to get money now and have a car can take advantage of using some platforms like Uber or Lyft.

If your vehicle meets the minimum requirements, you can use it to make decent money as a side hustle. So, sign up to drive people around with Uber or Lyft to increase your earnings instantly.

An alternative way of making money with your car involves renting it. If you don’t have time to drive, then sign up on Getaround which is a car-sharing service. It allows sharing your car with other people when you don’t need it.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about your property getting stolen or damaged. This company provides its customers with insurance. So, if something happens, you are paid a $1 million Getaround insurance policy.

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