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    Payday Loan Companies Are Fine For USA Consumers

    Of course, within certain limitations. When you take a look at terms of some shady payday lenders it will not look pretty at all. Think of this – according to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the median payday borrower is in debt to his payday lender 200 days of the year. And now CFPB wants to restrict high payday loan costs. They say that this proposal is still under consideration. They want to attempt to restrict lenders from collecting payments from consumers’ bank accounts which tend to rack up big fees. This would apply to payday loans, deposit advance products, vehicle title loans, and some high-cost open-end loans and installment…

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    5 Wedding Tips that Will Save Your Money

    Getting married is so exciting! Even with the pre-wedding vanity and all of those responsibilities you’re supposed to take care in advance, nothing seems like spoiling your mood. Well, if you still feel completely satisfied with the preparation moments, then perhaps you are yet to look at the list of your expenses. Obviously, weddings are a huge burden for the couple’s budget, especially when you want everything done on the highest level. Usually, parents teach children money literate, but if your parents missed this moment, use our tips. Who told that a great “all-inclusive” wedding can’t be frugal? Try to plan out your special day without leaving a huge hole…

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    Tips and Games to Teach Kids About Money

    Nowadays only several states in the U.S. have obligatory financial literacy and personal finance classes at the high school level. Of course, it’s a drop in the ocean, as teaching kids financial literacy should start at home but not at school. Do you agree that parents must teach their children about money? If your answer is “yes”, then keep reading in order to find out some fun games to teach kids about money.